Fashionable Programming Languages List

For some time, I have a problem to keeping track of the relation between the modern and fashionable languages and their strongest influencing counterparts. The list is highly biased towards languages I am interested in, and the relation is strongly opinionated and feeling-based, but as a rough list, it suffices. Most of the languages are compared in these benchmarks.

Nim ~ Python – transpiled (C, C++, JavaScript, Objective-C), compiled (3rd: LLVM) – application, general, web, system

Crystal ~ Ruby – compiled (LLVM) – general

Haxe ~ JavaScript – transpiled (JS, C++, C#, Java, JVM, Python, Lua, PHP, Flash), VM – application, general, web

Hack ~ PHP !Facebook – VM – server, web

V ~ Go – transpiled (C ) – general, systems

Grain ~ OCaml – compiled (Binaryen –> WASM) – web, application, general

Elixir ~ Erlang – VM – application, distributed

Idris ~ Haskell – transpiled (C, JS, 3rd: JVM, CIL), compiled (3rd: LLVM) – general, data

Julia ~ Lisp – compiled+JIT, transpiled (JS) – scientific, data, general

Odin ~ Pascal – compiled (LLVM) – general, data

Rust ~ C++ – compiled (LLVM) – general, systems

Carbon ~ C++ !Google – compiled (LLVM) – general, systems

Zig ~ C – compiled (LLVM) – systems, general